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“We have a computer network, we don’t really understand it as fully as we should, BUT we do know our business cannot operate without it.


We need someone we can trust to manage it for us, both day-to-day and to ensure it is kept up to date so we are able to use modern technology to facilitate, not hinder, our business objectives.


We need to know that our company data is readily accessible to meet the needs of our staff and to know that it is, at all times, safe and secure from accidental loss, theft, or malicious damage.


We need to know that our business has the most effective means to readily and safely communicate and exchange information with our customers, suppliers and partners.


And we need to do it economically …..”

Our experience in the field shows that clients vary considerably in determining how they will meet their computing needs and in particular the extent to which they will utilise the services of an external provider. Some prefer a simple ‘Pay as you Go service’ for those elements not dealt with ‘in-house’, whilst others may take a more holistic approach and outsource their entire IT requirement.

CPM’s mission is to ensure, irrespective of the level of our client involvement, that every individual element of our service delivery to clients is consistently professional and effective and that it represents good, old-fashioned, value for money.

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